Продвигаем гендерное равенство по-новому!
Гендердик теңчиликке жаңыча жетишүү!
New narratives towards a gender equal sociеty!

Speech at “Zhargylchak” program of Radio Sanzhir, coordinator of the project Baktygul Islanbekova.

On January 22, 2020, the coordinator of the “DatkAim” project Baktygul Islanbekova took part in the morning program “Zhargylchak” of Radio Sangyr, where the draft law on amendments to some legislative acts was discussed. According to the draft law, it is proposed to establish a requirement for the gender composition of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, namely, to approve the composition of the Government, taking into account the representation of no more than 70% of persons of the same sex.
Experts discussed the importance of adopting this norm for increasing the political participation of women.
Project “ДаткАйым -Продвигаем гендерное равенство по-новому”/ “HERo – New narratives towards a gender equal sociеty” is implemented by NGO “Agency of Social Technologies” and Center for Creative Creativity Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci with the support of the European Union in Kyrgyzstan.

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