Продвигаем гендерное равенство по-новому!
Гендердик теңчиликке жаңыча жетишүү!
New narratives towards a gender equal sociеty!

“World Population 2020” UNFPA report

“Millions of girls are harmed physically and emotionally every year, with the full knowledge and consent of their families, friends and communities,” according to State of the World Population 2020

According to the UNFPA report, at least 19 practices harmful to physical and psychological health are being implemented against women and girls, such as: marriage of children and prejudice against daughters in favor of sons – are considered violations of human rights. Such practices lead to acute and often irreversible harm, but can be perceived as normal and even beneficial. In many cases, powerlessness and inequality are embedded in the body and traumatized mind of a woman or adolescent girl early in her life. Then, in adulthood and throughout her life, they can interfere with her prospects for an education, safely give birth, earn decent money or defend her rights.

We live in a world where many aspects of power and choice still depend on gender. On the road to equality, most women and girls face some, if not many, discriminatory barriers. Among the many causes and consequences of gender discrimination, harmful practices are considered some of the most hidden.

The annual report “World Population 2020”, prepared under the auspices of the UNFPA Communications and Strategic Partnerships Division, describes harmful, discriminatory and hourly health-hazardous practices against women and girls, and examines cases of prevention and prevention of practices that violate the rights of women and girls.

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