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Domestic violence cases during the pandemic increased by 60 percent

In all months of quarantine because of the coronavirus, the number of cases of family and gender violence has increased by 60 percent compared to last year. This was reported at the conference “Combating gender and family violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

It is noted that more than 1,500 victims of violence received social and psychological support from civil society organizations within the framework of “Gigerduu jarandar” project.

Under the USAID grants, 11 civil society organizations were able to provide shelter, hygiene kits, food packages, financial assistance, and psychological support to victims of domestic violence and members of vulnerable families.

“Over the next four years, USAID Jagerduu Jarandar will continue to support civil society and government efforts to improve Kyrgyz citizens’ access to social services and legal assistance, especially for victims of gender-based and domestic violence,” Alder Bartlett, USAID Acting Mission Director in Kyrgyzstan, said at the conference.

Since June of this year, 3 of 11 civil society organizations have helped 776 individuals and 136 vulnerable families.

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